The full agenda is listed (in order of presentation time) below, but not all speakers provided presentations. 

Hatton C.V. Smith, CEO Emeritus & President of National Accounts, Royal Cup Coffee

Resurgence of the UAB Football Program & Its Financial Impact on the City of Birmingham

Two years after the UAB school president shut down the program, UAB makes a reinvigorated and triumphant return to college football. Hatton Smith will discuss the effort involved and how this has impacted the local economy. UAB now has a $22.5 million operations facility attached to a brand new covered practice field that will be used in the 2017 season.

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Karen Poist, SALT Group Leader, Barfield, Murphy, Shank & Smith, LLC

Kim Tarnakow, Senior Manager, Barfield, Murphy, Shank & Smith, LLC

What Is a SALT Scrub and Why Should I Use It?

A State and Local Tax (SALT) Analysis is used to identify potential areas of risk and exposure in the state and local tax area. Leaders Karen Poist and Kim Tarnakow will explain how a SALT Analysis can provide information that will help you manage your company’s state and local taxes. By being proactive and identifying issues today, you can protect the future value of your company for tomorrow.
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Todd Talbot, Senior Financial Advisor, Principal Securities

Leverage Cash Flows

Todd Talbot will discuss concepts and specific examples where corporations are leveraging cash flows. Companies are transforming certain expenses into tax-advantaged corporate assets.
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Randy Freeman, Chief Financial Officer, Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC

Brasfield & Gorrie Overview and Discussion of Economic Environment of the Construction Industry

Randy Freeman will present an overview of Brasfield & Gorrie, which is one of the largest privately held construction firms in the nation and second on Modern Healthcare’s list of the nation's top healthcare general contractors. He will discuss strategies on how Brasfield & Gorrie positioned itself to take advantage of counter-cyclical opportunities that arise in times of economic weakness despite being in an industry dependent on a strong economy and robust spending.

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Paul LaRock, Managing Director, Treasury Strategies

Evolving Corporate Treasury Priorities Tackle New Market Realities 

Treasury Strategies continually assesses the state of the treasury profession and key issues on the horizon. Based upon our rich experiences from consulting to corporate treasurers and bankers as well as our extensive regulatory advisory work, it is clear we are closing the book on the financial crisis. Our clients see the regulatory onslaught beginning to temper, interest rates beginning to rise, economies gaining traction and, importantly, banks back in the banking business.

In short, our clients are seeing a "new starting line" and reshaping their treasury priorities accordingly. In this presentation, we divide these priorities into four categories: Forecasting and risk management, Treasury organizational structure, Banking, and Treasury technology. Participants will learn how treasury is taking fresh approaches in tackling these key priorities to address organizational challenges. We’ll also cover some of the tools available, which can help in these efforts.

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Steve Hines, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), ThreatAdvice

Cyber Crime & Security

Cyber is now the number one threat to our national security. Steve Hines will talk about recent data breaches and the financial, operational, legal and reputational impact they have had on companies. He will touch on how criminals operate in the dark web and how each person can become more cyber-safe and cyber-sound. He will discuss whether umbrella liability policies cover cyber incidents, and tools to determine an institution’s cyber-preparedness.

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