If the speaker name is underlined, you can download an electronic version of their presentation at the 2015 Summit. 

One speaker did not use a presentation with slides.

Mr. Edward (Ned) Rand

Chief Financial Officer


ProAssurance Strategic & Financial Overview

ProAssurance Group is a specialty writer of professional liability insurance and products liability insurance for medical technology and life sciences companies, and is the fourth largest writer of medical professional liability insurance in America. ProAssurance has been recognized as one of the Ward’s 50 Top Performers (out of over 3,000 Property and Casualty insurance companies reviewed) every year since 2007, acknowledging ProAssurance’s safety, consistency, and excellence in management.

Mr. Jorge Jimenez

Director - International Product Development 

Retail Payments Office of the Federal Reserve System

FedGlobal International Payments

The Reserve Banks' current international ACH service, called FedGlobal ACH Payments (FedGlobal), which facilitates remittance transfers and other cross-border payments, provides service to 35 countries in North America, Latin America, and Europe. Jorge Jimenez will provide an update on the Federal Reserve's strategy to expand FedGlobal's geographic reach.


Anjali Kamath

General Counsel & Compliance Manager

Bitpay Inc

Bitcoin Coming Into Its Own

Bitcoin is often referred to as the first decentralized digital currency, the largest of its kind in terms of total market value. This session will explore the virtual currency movement, starting with how it works focusing on the bitcoin algorithm and the Bitcoin infrastructure.  Ms. Kamath will explain the difference between a bit coin, a bit coin payment processor, a bit coin exchange, and how merchants can accept bitcoin for payment. She will also discuss the security and fraud prevention characteristics of virtual currencies.

Treasurer Boozer

State of Alabama

Updates from the Alabama State Treasurer Office

As State Treasurer, Boozer is responsible for the cash management duties of receiving, depositing and investing all state funds, bond management, unclaimed property, two college savings programs and management of the state’s collateral pool for public funds deposits. He also plays an essential role in managing the Alabama Trust Fund (ATF), Alabama’s $2.8 billion investment fund built from the proceeds of the sale of the state’s offshore oil and gas reserves.