The full agenda is listed (in order of presentation time) below

Chaz Mitchell, Deputy Chief Administrator, Office of Mayor Woodfin, City of Birmingham

Building Communities through Servant Leadership & Putting People First

Mayor Woodfin’s Vision for the City of Birmingham concerning budget priorities, economic development and community revitalization.

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Rusty Yerkes, Assistant Professor of Finance, Brock School of Business, Samford University

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) has allowed for the rapid emergence of applications such as crypto-currencies. Bitcoin is the most mature and most widely adopted virtual or digital currency. The recent volatility in the value of Bitcoin coupled with a large number new cryptocurrency entrants has garnered the attention of regulators and main street investors and speculators. Moreover, the large number of initial coin offerings (ICO’s) indicates strong interest in emerging blockchain technology. In this talk I will take a brief look at Blockchain/DLT, the current state of the cryptocurrency market including Bitcoin and finally a look at initial coin offerings.
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Brian Buck, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Developments in Short-Term Markets for Liquidity Investors

Developments in the short-term markets have led to significant complications for liquidity investors. U.S. Money Market Fund reform, Tax reform and U.S. cash repatriation have changed the way many investment portfolios are structured. In addition, rising interest rates are having a major impact on recent investment performance and investment opportunities looking ahead. This session will examine how these themes are impacting treasury teams and how investors are responding. In addition we will discuss the steps needed to prepare an investment program for the road ahead.
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James A. Sadik, Managing Director, True Partners Consulting, LLC

Unclaimed Property - The Top Ten Things Financial Professionals Should Know

Ever wonder…. Does my company have any unclaimed property liabilities? What are our unclaimed property audit risks, and do we have any “hidden” liabilities? How does a company get, and stay, in compliance for unclaimed property? This session will provide an overview of unclaimed property, geared towards finance professionals. The topics to be discussed will include recent legislation, compliance, audit activity and best practices for handling unclaimed property within your organization.

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Anand Goel, CEO and Founder, Optimized Payments Consulting

Understanding and Reducing the Cost of Card Payments

As an organization’s card and alternative payments grow, so do the costs, complexity, risk and amount of data. Attend this educational session and learn best practices for simplifying payments data and reducing card fees.
Objective 1 – understand the 3 key components of card processing fees
Objective 2 – learn best practices in “optimizing” interchange and acquiring fees
Objective 3 – learn a framework for simplifying and analyzing payments data
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Michael Eady, President - Marketing, Knight Eady

Capital Difference:  Service Company vs Tech Start-Up

Discussing our history at Knight Eady as it relates to our company and the direct financial trajectory including how we started and with how much capital. Also discussing our newest venture which was launching a tech company which took a totally different route with focus on two different approaches to creating a solid foundational ground to launch a company: Service oriented busi-ness vs a tech company.

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