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Keynote Speaker: Young Boozer III

39th & 41st State Treasurer

State of Alabama

Updates from the Alabama State Treasurer’s Office  (No Download Available)

As State Treasurer, Boozer is responsible for the cash management duties of receiving, depositing and investing all state funds, bond management, unclaimed property, two college savings programs and management of the state’s collateral pool for public funds deposits. He also plays an essential role in managing the Alabama Trust Fund (ATF), Alabama’s $2.8 billion investment fund built from the proceeds of the sale of the state’s offshore oil and gas reserves.

Speaker: Andy Ai, APPSC, AOCSC

Senior Vice President, Treasury Solutions Group – Manager

PNC Treasury Management

Leverage Embedded Finance to Transform your Business 

More than ever, customers, employees and trading partners are demanding integrated, connected experiences. Is your organization ready to deliver? In this session, you will learn about what embedded banking means, technology enablers, and how companies are leveraging embedded banking to create unique, differentiated user experiences.

Speaker: Lisa Husken

Value Engineer


Cash Flow Forecasting 2.0

The CFO no longer cares about your cash forecast! They need more. CFOs are focused on meeting free cash flow targets and require real-time insight to proactively manage liquidity across the enterprise to reduce vulnerability to rising rates and unlock growth. To support the CFO, Treasurers need to evolve beyond visibility into cash by making forecasting actionable – surrounding cash forecasts with data to enable intelligent investing, borrowing and working capital decisions to drive strategic growth and company valuation.

In this session, we will explore:

- The difference between cash forecasting and liquidity planning

- The impact of forecasting automation

- The value of APIs, AI and Analytics for Treasurers

- How to make your forecast actionable with data

- ROI and value engineering of forecasting and planning

Speaker: Darin W. White, Ph.D. 

Margaret Gage Bush Distinguished Professor

Executive Director, Center for Sports Analytics

Brock School of Business, Samford University

Unleashing the Power of Sports Analytics: Driving Success On and Off the Field    

The world of sports is undergoing a data revolution, with analytics playing a pivotal role in driving success both on and off the field. From the famous Moneyball approach of the Oakland Athletics to advanced technologies tracking player performance, analytics has become a game-changer. It not only helps teams win by identifying undervalued players and optimizing strategies, but also enhances customer engagement through personalized experiences and targeted marketing. Moreover, sports analytics extends its benefits to the broader ecosystem by improving stadium operations and forming valuable partnerships. Helping brands measure the return on sponsorship investments (ROI) ensures companies can understand performance relative to other marketing expenditures, and/or identify revenue streams.

Speaker: Danny Capitel

Managing Director, South Atlantic & Florida

IntraFi Network, LLC

Cash Management Options for Safety-Conscious Investors

When people count on you to deliver solid cash management solutions and maintain cash flow, you need options that can deliver safety, liquidity, and convenience through all market environments. IntraFi, the nation’s largest deposit network, provides solutions that deliver the flexibility that financial professionals need to thrive in today’s market. In this session, we’ll discuss the economic landscape today, trends in corporate cash management, and the pros and cons of various choices, including those that secure even the largest cash balances.

Speaker: Lindsay Gill, CFE

Director of Forensic Technology

Forensic Strategic Solutions

So, You Think You Found Fraud, Now What?  (No Download Available)

This presentation will provide a roadmap for responding to signs of fraud. We'll cover topics from the initial response to recommended actions.