August Alabama AFP Webinar

  • Thursday, August 19, 2021
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Online webinar


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Topic: Cryptocurrency Investigations: What the Private Sector Needs to Know


Dr. Diana Summers, Ph.D.

Cyber Operations Officer CPI/EXCOM-South

Global Trade Investigations Division

Homeland Security Investigations

Huntsville, Alabama

Topic Description: 
This presentation will cover the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, transactions, and blockchain technologies, and how this form of currency can be used to facilitate criminal activity. Dr. Dolliver will explain how cryptocurrencies can be obtained and stored, how transactions can be traced, and how these assets can be potentially seized by law enforcement officials through legal processes and the use of digital forensic evidence. Dr. Summers will also cover the methods criminals take to obfuscate transactions to hide their activities and avoid attribution, as well as discussing best practices for law enforcement agencies when handling cryptocurrencies.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Diana Summers is a Cyber Operations Officer with Homeland Security Investigations and serves as a Cyber Task Force Officer for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Dr. Summers is a cyber criminologist and her areas of expertise include darknet-based criminality, cryptocurrency transaction analysis, and digital forensics. Dr. Dolliver also studies matters of national security and cybersecurity and warfare. She is a certified Chainalysis Investigation Specialist and holds multiple other certifications in cryptocurrency transaction analysis, mobile device forensics, and vehicle forensics.